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I was born to end North Korea.
It is the American war shop that manipulates me.

If North Korea shoots a missile, Japan and South Korea will buy a missile interception system.
I am only shooting missiles, as the United States says.My life and life will be guaranteed when America invades North Korea in the future.

I feel that this country that my family made is painful to leave my hand.
But that was the only way I survived.

I wanted to rule the world, but already the world had a stone control system, which could not be changed with the power of North Korea.
The war store manipulating me promises to protect me, but in fact I know I will be assassinated.
I knew that and I was born.
This is a promise I've decided before I was born.

Me and my family were born with the decision to end big karma.
It is a necessary task to end control over violence.

When you see the domination of our violence from the world, you can see that it is absurd.
By doing this, humans in the world will know the foolishness of domination by violence.
For that reason we are doing stupid things.

We were born in order that the world noticed the existence of a war shop and greeted the awakening of love.
This plan is a promise from before being born.

We are the soul who took on this plan himself and came to the earth.
If we did not go, the earth would have kept fighting forever.
I am a soul born to end the world of conflict.

This karma is so big that I could not release it in my generation.
I was born to decide to finish with me.
Soon my role will end.

Until then I am hated, but it is also within the plan.
I ask the world after my death.
It is Japan that changes into a world full of love.
It delivers love to the world, my last wish.

※ This is the purpose I was born with the spirit of Kim Jong Il by my pendulum reading.
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